Ramy Essam Album “Resala Ela Magles Al Amn” Available Now on All Digital Platforms

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - June 27th, 2017 - Universal Music MENA releases Ramy Essam album“Resala Ela Magles El Amn” (A letter to the UN Security Council). Produced by Andreas Unge, the album is a musical melting pot where the force of Kurt Cobain, the street cool of Joe Strummer, the crossover adventure of Rachid Taha and social criticism of Billy Bragg all come together in a musical journey straight out of Cairo. 

The album is a mix of heavy rock riffs with infectious oriental beats and street poetry; a megaphone of the streets that captures the hardships in ordinary people´s daily lives as well as the dreams of a better future.

Prior to the album release, Ramy dropped a collaboration single with PJ Harvey. This partnership to write and record ‘The Camp’ crowns his international journey and extends his message towards humanity across the world. The track is aimed to raise awareness and much needed support towards the health and educational well-being of displaced children in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. 

Ramy once again proves he is an artist of and for the people, with songs built on the words of the streets. Or as Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave etc) puts it: Ramy is like a ”Rock Bob Dylan of the Middle East”.


Ramy Essam self-learned playing the guitar and started to write songs at the age of 17, inspired by young poets like Amgad Qahwagi and Mohamed Bahgat, as well as the poet Ahmed Fouad Negm. 

His songs became the soundtracks of a whole generation of young Egyptians. TimeOut Magazine later selected one of his songs titled “Irhal” as the third most world changing song of all time (with John Lennon´s ”Imagine” #5 on the list).

Ramy is considered to be one of the loudest voices for the young generation in Egypt and its struggle for a progressive and modern society, and has become an international symbol of social activism and a beacon of uncommon bravery in the Middle East. 

In 2011 he received the Freemuse Award, in 2016 he was titled ”IMC Music Rights Champion” by IMC (Unesco´s advisory body on matters of music) and in 2017 he received the prestigious ”Spirit of Folk Award” at Folk Alliance International Conference.