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Sam Baker

A strong literary element to Baker’s work. Some of the most vivid, compelling, truly original songs of any artist working today.” – Dan Forte, Taylor Guitars

Recording Artist | Visual Artist | Motivational Speaker

Sam Baker is a man of few words. Always beautifully chosen, and fully wrought. Words placed like plants and objects in a Zen Garden. After a Peruvian train bombing almost killed him in 1986, Baker turned inward, to relearn the use of his body and brain. It’s taken years to heal. Time to reconnect. The road back was arduous, but it opened up new vistasin art, poetry, and music.

Baker released his first record, Mercy, in 2004, the first in a trilogy of song paintings with sparse instrumentation and poetic delivery.  It was followed by Pretty World in 2007, and Cotton in 2009.  Each piece is imprinted with a theme: everyone is at the mercy of another one’s dreams, how beautiful are these days, and talk about forgiveness.His latest release, ‘say grace,’ was named one of the Top Ten Country Albums of 2013 by Rolling Stone Magazine. 

Baker approaches life with a positive attitude – “Life is a gift. I went through a lot of bitterness- a lot of anger. But those things are toxic.  Gratitude for what remains is more helpful than resentment for what was lost.  Ultimately, I came to understand that these days are wicked short and terribly beautiful.  All I’ve got—no matter what I hold in my hands, drive around in, or put in the bank,-  all I’ve got is this one breath, and if I’m lucky, I get another.”

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Geoffrey Himes
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“The most memorable set, though, came from Sam Baker, a Texas singer/songwriter as laconic as John Prine or Townes Van Zandt. The continuity of the folk-music tradition was never better demonstrated than when Baker sang the first verse and chorus of Woody Guthrie’s ‘Deportees (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos)’ and then segued into his equally powerful original song, ‘Migrants,’ another tale of illegal immigrants, callousness and needless death.”

“An artist worth waiting for.”
–NPR All Things Considered

“The Bard of the Workaday World.”
–Wall Street Journal

"Every composition has the inescapable ring of life and death."
–New Yorker

"One of the finest of the modern-day veteran Texas troubadours"
–American Songwriter (4 stars)

"He takes fragments of poems and hymns and discarded memories and weaves 'em together."
–NPR Here and Now
"[Sam Baker] extracts extraordinarily evocative ballads from the minutia of ordinary life."
–Austin Chronicle

"Sepia-toned poetry for the dusty downtrodden."
–Austin Monthly

"Maybe the most captivating songwriter in America."
–Lone Star Music

“A no-frills collection that’ll appeal to fans of artists like John Prine and John Fullbright.”
–Engine 145

NEW CD June 21st  “Land of Doubt”

Baker’s musical storytelling in Land of Doubt gives voice to emotions tender and bitter, personal and universal. Some songs seem to come from deep inside the well of his own experience, while others reflect empathy with and insight into the suffering of those outside it. Perhaps Baker describes the record best:

 “I wanted a cinematic feel, a mixture of sparsity and tension…and beauty…I always come back to beauty on my records. That’s shorthand for something that's bigger than me.”

Sam Baker Named in the his Top 50 Great Texas Singer-Songwriter Albums article

Monday January 23, 2017

“Baker displays a canny knack for knowing what details to include and which to leave out of a song. He also doesn't spend his time staring into the abyss. His characters have been roughed up, but haven't given up on finding grace. — Andrew Dansby, The Houston Chronicle

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Sam Baker Sings A Few Life-Affirming Sad Songs At The Duck 

Sam Baker McGonigel's Mucky Duck January 17, 2015

Just after he finished the song, "Odessa," about midway through his Saturday-night set at McGonigel's Mucky Duck, songwriter Sam Baker ruminated on just how sad a song it is. So sad, he said, he believed it was on a Rolling Stone list of saddest songs ever about Texas.
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10 Best Country Albums of 2013

5. Sam Baker, 'Say Grace'

Austin's Sam Baker isn't the only grizzled outlier to make a wise, sly, and excellent set of country-folk this year…
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