“At the Chico World Music Festival, Talavya were a surprise hit for many folks. Fabulous technical expertise, excellent showmanship, and an engaging personality brought scores of new fans to tabla music.” – Dan Dewayne-CWMF

Globe-trotting percussion ensemble Talavya brings the Indian hand-drums tabla to the center stage, distilling its age-old spirit and practice into a high-energy, highly accessible evening that reveals the instrument’s true joys. Composed by Indian music maestro Pandit Divyang Vakil, the quartet moves between rousing peaks and smooth meditative passages, expressing the various emotions of tabla. Played with the passion and power of a rock drum solo along with the sophistication and subtlety of a classical solo, Talavya is contemporary in feel, while full of the richness of classical tabla. With its blend of solos, duos and group compositions, the audience experiences each artist’s unique personality as they play complex rhythmic patterns with split-second perfection.


“The music illuminated various Indian rhythms in enticingly offbeat ways. (Jin) Won's musicality transformed her dancing into something primal. The tension between wildness and control was a hallmark of Pradhanica.” – New York Times

Pradhanica is a enthralling dance and world drum ensemble created and composed by renowned Indian rhythm composer Pandit Divyang Vakil, and choreographed by Jin Won. The graceful and powerful Indian dance form of Kathak comes together with high-energy drumming on the cajon, djembe, and tabla, with melodic support on the sitar or sarangi.  A multi-ethnic ensemble brought together by the pervasive power and lyrical landscape of rhythm.

~ In The News: November 2015 ~


The traditional tabla music and Kathak dance of northern India are evolving with Pradhanica, a multi-ethnic ensemble based in Edison, NJ. Meet the artists of Pradhanica, who are from South Korea, the United States, and India.